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ICExplorer-XTop is a genuine placement- and routing-aware, multi-corner, multi-mode timing ECO solution with minimal impact to power and area in nanometer-scale IC designs.

Timing closure is a major problem with today’s SOC designs impacting time to market, revenue, and cost of design. It gets worse with each new process node. ICExplorer-XTop helps design teams to achieve faster timing /ECO closure and complements existing place and route and sign-off static timing analysis STA (Static Timing Analysis) tools in a user’s flow.

ICExplorer-XTop has been used in production for over a decade. It provides much faster timing closure convergence than conventional timing ECO flows.



Key Benefits:

 Fix large number of violations (> 50k) fast

 Accelerate timing closure process

 Cut down ECO iterations to 2-4

 Advanced process node proven down to 7nm

 Handle more than 300+ MMMC scenarios in one session

 Silicon correlated timing signoff for better PPA and yield, for designs with 100M+ instances, 300+ scenarios, and 100+ critical paths


Key Features:

Placement aware and routing aware timing ECO with high P&R correlation

 Simultaneous and fast MMMC timing fixing on signal and clock paths

 Fix setup, hold, max transition/capacitance and SI violations

 Timing debug / interactive manual ECO

 Supports physical hierarchy and multi-power/voltage domains

 Multi-threading enabled

 Plugin-and-play with existing flows using standard interfaces

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