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Skipper is a high performance chip finishing tool capable of efficiently handling today’s largest layout databases. Skipper enhances designer productivity and accelerates tape-out. 

Architected with an optimized database, highly effective memory management system and unified GUI, Skipper is an easy-to-use chip-finishing platform and capable of handling large layouts (over 100GB GDS).

 Built-in applications include: 

    • Merging standard cells and IPs, 
    • Layout editing, hierarchically delete, net tracing, searching, and Boolean operations,  
    • Handling fast layout vs. layout comparison in GUI and batch mode,
    • Seal-ring sizing, 
    • Debugging DRC/LVS results,
    • Preparing FIB data for device analysis and instruction for FIB operation.



Key Benefits:

  • One of the fastest tools for importing and viewing layout data
  • Unique “layout server” mode to share layout data  

  • Large data handling capacity—over 100GB GDS Integrated chip-finishing platform



Key Features:

  • Fast and high-capacity ( 100+ GB) layout viewer / navigator / editor
  • Efficient memory footprint
  • Support GDSII / OASIS / MEBES / GZ
  • Fast full-chip layout comparison between different layout format (FlashLVLTM)
  • Full-chip trace-net and debug
  • High performance and convenient IP merge
  • Built-in DRC/LVS debugger (ArgusTM and PVETM)
  • Prepare data and document for FIB


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