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ICScape Announces North American Expansion

May 21, 2013

Santa Clara, California— – ICScape, a provider of EDA software which is production-proven down to 28nm with over one hundred tape-outs and accelerates design closure for advanced SoC designs, today announced the addition of two sales and several support staff in North America. This expansion is to meet the increased demand for its ICExplorer suite for timing and power-critical advanced SoC designs, especially ones with clock analysis and optimization challenges.

Johnson Lau is the new North American Senior Director of Sales, and Jeff Havelaar is the Area Sales Manager for the Southwest Region. They both have extensive and very successful sales careers with leading EDA companies for over two decades.

“By expanding North American Operations with experienced sales and support staff, we are able to effectively address the growing interest for ICExplorer suite of software solutions for the placement and routing-aware MCMM timing closure across all scenarios, leakage power reduction, and  CTS-aware clock constraints analysis and optimization ,” remarked Dr. Jason Xing, CEO of ICScape Inc.

About ICExplorer Suite for Accelerated Design Closure and Optimization

The key component of ICExplorer suite is a placement and most importantly routing-aware, timing ECO closure solution capable of simultaneously handling all MCMM scenarios, and enabling 50% faster ECO closure using only 2-4 iterations. Also included are MCMM timing-aware leakage power optimization and a CTS-aware clock constraints analysis and generation that reduces CTS design cycle and clock insertion delay by about 50%.

ICScape also offers a suite of analog mixed-signal (AMS) tools.

About ICScape

ICScape, founded in California in the year 2005, is a leading provider of design closure and optimization tools for complex SoC design. Its flagship products are TimingExplorer, PowerExplorer and ClockExplorer, production-proven down to 28nm with over 100 tape-outs.

For more information: www.ICScape.com

Press Contact

Ravi Ravikumar

VP Marketing, ICScape Inc.

408-736-8886 x17

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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